Carla holds a Masters of Social Work degree from the University of Kentucky. She is a licensed Masters Social Worker. As a therapist, she encourages clients to find light where there is darkness because finding good in the bad is what keeps humans moving forward. Carla believes if you work on your mental health, other parts of your life will come together as well. Her therapeutic philosophy is that all aspects of an individual’s life and family must be addressed for optimum success.  Autumn is Carla’s favorite time of year because she enjoys watching the leaves change colors.


TC Counseling  is committed to a strict code of ethics that includes maintaining a confidential, professional relationship. It is important to be aware of the

laws that override confidentiality. In the following instances laws mandate that confidentiality must be broken: Matters of threatened harm to yourself or others Matters

of abuse /neglect of children or vulnerable adults Court mandates (subpoenas, etc.)

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